20 de jun de 2011

Real Racing (Basics instructions)

Real Racing – Basic Instructions

The instructions below refer primarily to the iPhone version of Real Racing, however with some small exceptions (eg “Vibrate” is not available on iPod touch or iPad, and there is limited content available in the free demo game Real Racing GTI) they also apply to the iPad game Real Racing HD, and the free “lite” version Real Racing GTI for iPhone and iPod touch. You are very welcome to leave a comment or ask a question on our Community Support site, and we will update these instructions as needed.


The game starts with an introductory racing scene that you can skip by tapping on it. After you skip it three times, it will be turned off by default but you can turn it back on under Options > Settings > Skip Intro.

Main Menu

The choices on the Main Menu are:


The Career Mode is the heart of Real Racing. Work your way through Career Mode and unlock new events, vehicles classes and vehicle variations, tracks and difficulty levels. The Career Mode is divided by vehicle Class (Hatch, Sedan, Muscle and Exotic). Each Class section begins with a Qualifier and is followed by two Championships within that Class. The qualifying race will tell you the minimum time you need to beat to progress to the Championship (you will need to achieve a bronze time or better). Each Championship consists of a number of races to compete in, with each race a specified number of laps of a particular track. Your career will begin in Division C, the entry level difficulty division. Division B and A must be unlocked by placing first, second or third in the preceding Division.
  • Division C – Entry level: Opponents will purposely brake too much around corners; speed, acceleration and handling remain consistent with the player’s car; it’s easier to catch the cars in front if you fall behind.
  • Division B – Intermediate: Opponents will generally brake a little more than necessary around corners; speed, acceleration and handling remain consistent with the player’s car; it’s more difficult to catch the cars in front if you fall behind.
  • Division A – Expert: opponents will take corners perfectly, based on the ideal racing line and brake assist values; speed, acceleration and handling remain consistent with the player’s car; if you make a mistake or two, you will find it very difficult to catch up and they will probably cost you the race!

Quick Race

Choose a Track, Division, Class, and Vehicle, then start racing! The Tracks, Divisions, Classes and Vehicles you can choose from are the ones you have unlocked in Career Mode. You can decide how many laps you would like to race and whether you want opponents on the track or not. You can also set the Brake Assist level when choosing your vehicle. Quick Race results are not stored, so use this option to race just for fun!

Time Trial

Choose this option to race against the clock and try to beat your best times. You can optionally also submit your results to our online leaderboards. Select a Track, Class and Vehicle, complete one lap (without opponents) as fast as you can, and if you like, sync to submit your time online.


Your Profile shows your progress in the game, as well as your online leaderboard details (if any). Your profile picture, user name and global rank are all connected to our realracing.cloudcell.com site. Tap the “Sync” button in the top right corner and follow the instructions.


Select Local Wi-Fi Multiplayer or opt to compete in our asynchronous online League races:
  • Local: race head to head in local WiFi games with up to 6 players. One player will need to “Create” the game, with the other(s) choosing to “Join”. Note that WiFi races will run more smoothly if you turn BlueTooth off on your device. You can choose whether or not to display the multiplayer HUD (head up display) under Settings, accessed via the Options link on the Main Menu (or from the Pause Menu while racing).
  • Leagues: compete against drivers from all over the world in a ladder-style competition. You will be entered in three Leagues by default, and can enter additional Leagues at realracing.cloudcell.com. Each League consists of Seasons, with each Season containing several Races. Races must be completed on a particular Track and Class (you can choose your Vehicle within that Class). There is a cut-off time for entering each Race, although you can retry the Race to improve your time as often as you like. Please visit our guide to Leagues for more detailed information.

GTI Winner’s Circle

Exit the game and go to the GTI Winner’s Circle web page where you can view the Sweepstakes winners and Leaderboard (note that the competition has ended).


Tailor Settings and Controls to your personal preference:


  • Adjust the sound and music volumes
  • Erase Data: Erase all data to reset the game. WARNING: you will lose all progress.
  • Restore Settings: restore the settings on this screen to their default. Note that this does not change the Control Method.
  • Unlink Device: remove the connection between your device and the Cloudcell web site. This will not delete your Cloudcell profile, but it will allow you to connect your device to a different profile. Note that this will apply to all Cloudcell enabled games (for example, if you also play Flight Control, it will also remove the link between your device and your Flight Control Cloudcell profile). You can restore the link by synching.
  • Display Speed: touch to toggle between miles per hour (MPH) and kilometers per hour (KPH) for your in-game speed display.
  • Calibrate: calibrate the game for your specific device to make sure steering is level. Place your device screen side up on a flat, horizontal surface. Note that calibration is not usually necessary.
  • Flip Screen: rotate the screen 180 degrees. This may be useful if you play on an iPod touch with headphones, as the cable may interfere with your grip on the iPod.
  • AI Impact: tap to toggle between low, medium (MED) and high. AI Impact determines how much your car responds to an impact with AI-controlled cars. The default setting is LOW, but you can increase it if you want to feel more of an effect from collisions.
  • Skip Intro: skip the intro movie (or not) when the game starts up.
  • MP HUD Visible: show or hide the heads-up display in multiplayer games.
  • Language: choose from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or Dutch for the in-game text.


  • Select from five Control Methods to suit the way you like to play:
    • Method A: steer using the accelerometer. The game will automatically accelerate and brake for you, but you can brake more by tapping on the screen*.
    • Method B: steer using the accelerometer, accelerate manually by tapping or holding anywhere* on the right side of the screen, brake manually by tapping or holding anywhere* on the left.
    • Method C: touch the sides* of the device to steer right or left. The game will automatically accelerate and brake for you, but you can brake more by tapping on the screen*.
    • Method D: touch the screen on the left to steer. You will see a translucent green steering wheel appear where you touch, which you can rotate by sliding your thumb or finger. You do not have to target one particular area. The game will automatically accelerate and brake for you, but you can brake more by tapping on the screen*.
    • Method E: touch the screen on the left to steer as in Method D, but without manual acceleration or braking. Touch the lower right side to accelerate, and the upper right to brake. Controls will appear where you touch within these areas. This Control Method is only recommended for expert players!
    • *The top right and left corners of the screen are reserved for the camera toggle and pause button. Tapping the top middle activates the rear vision mirror.
    • To use accelerometer steering, rotate the device like a steering wheel. Tilting backwards and forwards does not have an effect.
    • Automatic acceleration will accelerate as much as possible on straight stretches of road, but slow down for corners.
    • when tapping or holding to accelerate or brake, you do not have to touch one particular target area on the screen. We designed the interface this way because everyone has different sized hands and different play styles, so a spot that is comforatble for one person to reach might not be for another. You will see translucent green dots for the accelerator, or red dots for brake, appear on the screen where you are touching. This is just to show you that the game has recognised your touch, you do not have to target the same area again.
  • Vibration: turn this on to have your iPhone vibrate when you go off the track. Note that this setting only applies to iPhones, and you must turn on Vibrate in your iPhone Settings (under Settings > Sounds > Vibrate) for it to work. Note that Vibrate will use additional battery power.
  • Horizon Tilt: this setting applies to accelerometer-based Control Methods. Turn Horizon Tilt on to have the scenery rotate on the screen as you tilt your device. Turn it off to have the horizon always remain level on the screen.
  • Brake Assist: touch or slide the setting to determine how much you want the car to brake into corners. Slide this all the way to the left if you do not want any brake assist at all.
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity: touch or slide the setting to determine how sensitive the accelerometer is to small movements. If sensitivity is high, small movements will result in bigger turns. (Note, this setting is only available with Control Methods that use the accelerometer. If it is greyed out, choose another Control Method to access it.)


View credits for the people who made Real Racing a reality, tap to return to the Main Menu.


Send your Time Trial and League data to Cloudcell, and receive back the latest League progress. Visit realracing.cloudcell.comfor a web based view of leaderboards and driver profiles.

iPod Library

Access your iPod Library by tapping the musical notes icon in the bottom left.


  • While the track is loading, you will see a tip appear on the loading screen.
  • Races begin with an intro scene showing the track. Tap the screen to skip this. You will start the race on the grid, with the start lights visible. The top row of lights will turn red, then the bottom row, then all lights will go green as the signal to start racing.
  • While racing, tap in the top left to Pause, the top middle to activate the rear vision mirror, and the top right to toggle between camera views:
    • Camera: tap in the top right to toggle between cockpit view and external view.
    • Rear Vision Mirror: tap in the top middle to temporarily turn the whole screen into a rear vision mirror, so you can see behind your car. The view will automatically switch back after a moment.
    • Pause:
      • Resume: return to the race exactly where it is paused. You will be given a 3… 2… 1… countdown timer.
      • Restart: restart the current race. Your progress in this game will be lost.
      • Options: change settings or choose a different Control Method (see “Options” section above), then return to the Pause screen.
      • Quit Race: exit to the Main Menu. Your progress in this race will be lost.

Vehicle Classes

There are differences in handling between the different vehicle classes:
  • Hatch: Low top speed, quick acceleration, tight around corners. Not a powerful car in general, but is easy to maneuver and still packs a punch off the mark. Possibly the most fun class to take for a quick spin around the track!
  • Sedan: medium top speed, acceleration in first gear a little slower than hatch, but powers through the rest of the gears to get to top speed. Easy to control in and out of corners, and light handling (similar to hatch) makes for a smooth ride.
  • Muscle: high top speed, slow acceleration in low gears but really powers in the higher gears. Heavy handling and oversteer makes for difficult corners, often ending in skidding if you’re not careful.
  • Exotic: high top speed, fast acceleration through all gears and precise handling. The supercar class of Real Racing.

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