13 de jul de 2011

Apple Garage Band

GarageBand. Wanted: Rock ’n’roll heroes. No experience required.

Whether you’re a musical prodigy or just love creating your own walls of sound, GarageBand for iPad gives you all the tools you need to lay down fresh tracks and record music anywhere you go. 
Let´s play?

Play a collection of highly expressive musical instruments designed for Multi-Touch that sound and play just like their real counterparts, but let you do things you could never do on a real instrument.
"The Best game of musical".

On the iPad.


Drum Machines.

Enjoy a full range of Smart Instruments that make you sound like an expert musician. Even if you’ve never played a note before.Only in the iPad.

Smart Guitars
Strum chords on acoustic and electric guitars, trigger fingerpicking and strumming patterns, or tap out your own riffs and melodies.
Smart Keyboards
Play a range of keyboard instruments by tapping on preselected chords that sound great together, no matter what you play.
Smart Bass
Perform bass lines and grooves simply by tapping on strings, or switch to Notes view to play individual notes on a virtual bass neck.
Smart Drums
Drag and drop snares, kicks, and hi-hats to create your own beats, and effortlessly move them around to try out different patterns.

Arrange and mix your songs anywhere inspiration strikes using a powerful eight-track recording studio that can handle any combination of audio recordings, Touch Instruments, and loops.

Compatible whit these devices: iPad and iPad 2, ONLY IPAD.
More information: www.apple.com

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